Solutions Architect

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Solutions Architect

Job description

    BossaBox has increasingly felt the need for a person specialized in understanding the solution proposed by our squads and helping with designing a viable solution in a software/infrastructure format.
      In this role, you will:
      Establish well-defined processes based on clear principles for making technical decisions during product development, and create ways to ensure that such processes will be followed by the squads in our platform.
      Define standards and expectations for technical deliverables. Act together with Product Delivery Manager to ensure that technical deliveries are being made optimally and with excellence. 
      Constantly improve the processes and standards previously defined. Take action to enable scaling and creating value in the network (such as creating repositories of CI / CD Infrastructure as Code/Pipelines and guiding teams to add knowledge to the repository, define building standards for design systems and documentation for future reuse, process creation to identify, modularize and extract pieces of code in squads for future reuse, among others).
      In short: enable consistency in technical deliverables, creating added value from squad to squad, increasing overall efficiency of our operations.

          Job requirements

            Think outside the box, critical thinking, assertive communication, organization, work smart, proactive behavior.

            Extensive knowledge in cloud computing, services from each supplier, and their use cases (AWS, GCloud, etc.). Knowledge of concepts, good practices, code standards, and development processes (Clean Code, SOLID principles, multi-repo vs monorepo, GitFlow, Open Source, etc.).
            Experience with systems architecture strategies for digital products (Micro-services vs monoliths, interfaces between services - PubSub, queues, REST, GraphQL, WebSockets, gRPC ... -, databases, etc.). Experience in CI / CD, Infrastructure as Code and deployment strategies. Knowledge in monitoring strategies and tools.