Senior/Intermediate Software Engineer

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Senior/Intermediate Software Engineer

Job description

BossaBox connects enterprise companies that need to innovate to remote tech squads. We do that thought 3 main pillars: (1) Bleeding-edge processes and methods (2) Engaged and trained professionals community and (3) Intelligent and intuitive platform that connects all parties.

Your job as a Senior Software Engineer will be to deliver the solutions envisioned by the product & tech team together to help solve the problems our users (both Companies and Prolancers) and our business are facing. You will be responsible for important decisions regarding technical aspects of our applications and processes, as well as to apply the best in class practices in software development for us to construct our platform. BossaBox expects you to help maintain the work rhythm of the team in a stable level, to constantly look for ways to optimize processes and create efficiency, and to take the best data-informed and experience-based decisions available to you.
Important: despite having our own platform for assessment of Software Engineers, we don't want to jeopardize our candidates' experience by mixing up what are our Prolancers and what are own staff. Therefore, the whole process will happen outside of our platform, as a regular recruiting process.

This is a remote job for our internal staff, not

Job requirements

  •  Vue.js or React
  • NodeJS and TypeScript
  • MongoDB and DynamoDB
  • Lambda with Serverless on AWS
  • S3 + CloudFront
  • SQS for event handling
  • GitLab familiarity
  • Kubernetes
  • Monorepo

BossaBox is an equal opportunity employer and hires qualified individuals regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, age or disability.