Senior Business Analyst

  • Operations

Senior Business Analyst

Job description

The operations area at Bossabox focuses on delivering value to two major customers: Companies and Prolancers. We work in a very dynamic scenario, as we deal with +10k remote professionals that we need to allocate, develop and engage in successful digital product development squads. In addition to making this possible, in operations, we have an ongoing challenge: to deeply understand the needs of these customers! They are also our basis for creating innovative work structures, based on people, processes and methodologies.

The Challenge: 

With the growth of the company, we have increasingly felt the need for a person specialized in dealing with processes and data to give a more assertive approach to the area. You will have an internal challenge to analyze the operation's performance and quality: understand the main challenges and identify opportunities for improvement in the delivery of value. Part of this challenge is also the autonomy to identify problems, work alongside key people and ensure that improvements are made, there is a lot of room for creativity and involvement in projects from operational to strategic level. Like Operations, the role of Operations Analyst requires flexibility to work with processes that create value for both clients: Prolancers and Companies.

          Job requirements


          • Problem-Solving
          • Think Outside the Box
          • Critical Thinking
          • Assertive Comunication
          • Organization
          • Proactive
          • Strong Attention to Detail


            • Familiarity with Project Management;
            • Familiarity with Risk management;
            • Familiarity with Quality Management;
            • Familiarity with Business Intelligence Tools (Metabase, Looker, Tableau);
            • Deep Knowledge in Excel, Sheets, SQL;
            • Familiarity with Python or R.

              BossaBox is an equal opportunity employer and hires qualified individuals regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, age or disability.