Product Delivery Manager

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Product Delivery Manager

Job description

Your job will be to act directly in the BossaBox operation, ensuring that the work being performed by the squads is in accordance with the quality standard that we want associated with our brand.

In addition, constantly innovating with the creation of new processes and methodologies for the squads. In this, the challenge is to help us to discover the operational model that, at the same time: (1) maximizes the delivery of value for Companies and Prolancers while (2) making Bossa radically scalable.

You will work on the Operations team very close to the Data, Engineering and Product teams to constantly iterate on refining our value offering to our community.

Job requirements

Profound knowledge on Product Management;

Profound knowledge on People Management;

Profound knowledge on Agile Software Development;

Profound knowledge on Project Management;

Profound knowledge on Business Analytics.

Familiarity with Product Design best practices;

Familiarity with Software Architecture best practices.

BossaBox is an equal opportunity employer and hires qualified individuals regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, age or disability.