Customer Success

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Customer Success

Job description

The CS chapter here at BossaBox has been evolving a lot. We are learning fast and changing our processes to make the company ready to grow and to better support Enterprise clients. Here, you will work with a team to iterate and evolve the current CS process into enterprise standards. We expect you to bring new ideas, hacks, best practices, tools and to be really critical about what we have created until today.


  • Educate our customer about Agile, Digital Products development and Digital Transformation
  • Prepare and deliver success plans with Delivery Success team
  • Onboard new accounts and their focal points
  • Lead QBRs (Quarterly Business Reviews) - meetings with strategic stakeholders to show progress and understand next steps
  • Collect and analyse customers' metrics: NPS, health score, AHÁs and WOWs
  • Be a strategic partner creating a deep relationship based on trust and accountability
  • Create stakeholders management plans and engage them
  • Conduct relationships with seniors stakeholders

Job requirements

  • Excellence on communication skills
  • Manage conflicts
  • Manage multiple stakeholders with action plans for multiple products
  • Deeply understand our customer business strategy, pains and goals
  • Teach complex and dense subjects which conflict with traditional Enterprise Companies practices